Bachelor's Degree In

Business Administration (BA)

Licenciatura en Administración de Empresas

Its objective is the comprehensive training of highly competent professionals in the local, national and international administrative areas, committed to the continuous improvement of their environment. The Bachelor in Business Administration develops skills, abilities and skills that allow her or him to make decisions, have ethical and social leadership, as well as a broad vision of the demands of a globalized and changing context.

The educational program promotes innovative entrepreneurship and ethical and social responsibility, through a student-centered process, implementing extension, mobility and academic liaison to the professional practice, with the purpose of contributing to society and promoting the insertion of professionals in different labor areas.

Graduation Profile

The graduate is competent to:

  • Implement an administrative model that is appropriate to the needs and characteristics of the organization in a global environment to get a continuous improvement to raise the levels of competitiveness through the analysis and application of the administrative techniques that allow through the responsible treatment of the environment that is reflected in the sustainable development.
  • Establish and apply human resources management systems to raise the levels of competitiveness of organizations through diagnostics and application of techniques according to organizational needs, with a humanistic sense.
  • Analyze and interpret financial information by applying appropriate strategies to facilitate decision-making to increase productivity, profitability and competitiveness in organizations, with integrity, honesty and social responsibility.
  • Analyze and evaluate the market to detect and satisfy the desires and needs of consumers through the study of the factors of the micro and macro environment bearing in mind the values of honesty and social responsibility.


Last Updated: 24 de February de 2022.

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