Bachelor's Degree In

Educational Sciences

The mission is to train honest professionals with knowledge about the educational reality, which allow them to contribute to the development of strategies and identify areas of opportunity in the different educational areas. The graduate in Education Sciences supports educational work in its universality and has a presence in society through the promotion of interdisciplinary work and the critical use of the theoretical, methodological and technological knowledge of the area.

Graduation Profile

The graduate is competent to:

  • Produce and implement educational strategies based on conventional, unconventional and alternative models required to support educational processes with a high ethical, scientific and humanistic sense.
  • Design, implement and evaluate plans and programs of conventional and unconventional study, mediating innovative procedures of curriculum design, tending to raise the educational quality with a responsible and proactive attitude.
  • Formulate and evaluate management processes in educational institutions of the country and the regional environment using functional models applicable in planning and administration in order to achieve continuous improvement, as well as resource efficiency in compliance with institutional regulations and principles, with a collaborative attitude
  • Develop related studies through quantitative or qualitative and mixed approaches in order to provide new visions or solutions to educational problems, with a critical and proactive attitude.

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Last Updated: 18 de June de 2018.

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