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The educational program in Accounting has the mission to train professionals competent in the local, national, trans frontier, and international level contributing to the sustainable development in the decision-making with the systematic analysis and overview of areas of opportunity to form critical, creative, supportive and enterprising. The professionals will be able to transform their environment with a sense of sustainability and global reach, for the development of public and private economic entities, in an ethical way and with a high level of human sensitivity for the of Baja California society, the country and abroad.


The program of Bachelor's Degree in Accounting from the Autonomous University of Baja California, is recognized nationally and internationally for the quality standards in the comprehensive training of leaders with an entrepreneurial spirit, innovative and socially responsible, competitive on the local, national, trans frontier and international levels attached to the standards of quality recognized at the national and international level. This allows graduates to perform successfully in the development of a society with equality and equity, which in turn contributes to boost social development through the generation and innovative application and transfer of knowledge that contributes to the development of world-class organizations.

Graduation Profile

The graduate is competent to:

  • Select and design the elements of a financial information system through the use of accounting standards, so that it provides support in decision-making in economic entities responsibly.
  • Support the optimization of resources by applying the administrative process from a national and international perspective to achieve the efficiency of economic entities, with a proactive and collaborative attitude.
  • Evaluate the tax and legal provisions in force that are related to an economic entity, through the application and analysis of the corresponding rules, to comply with the tax obligations of economic entities with honesty.

Express opinions in accordance with audit rules and procedures, legal, tax and administrative provisions on financial information for decision-making in economic entities, with an attitude of impartiality.


Last Updated: 24 de February de 2022.

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