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The mission of the education program is to train professionals with a high sense of propositional to socio-legal problems and with extensive knowledge in the area, endowed with skills, attitudes and aptitudes that will allow them to perform in the occupational area. The law graduate gives preponderance to the needs of the region, but has a global vision that allows her or him to analyze its national and international impact; she or he also promotes and generates knowledge of legal science through research and seeks the strengthening of legal culture and the science of law.

Graduation Profile

The graduate is competent to:

  • Prevent and resolve conflicts in the public, private and social sectors through professional legal practice with a critical attitude, which allows her or him to obtain optimal professional development.
  • Structure arguments through logical and philosophical reasoning to solve specific legal problems with analytical and ethical attitude.
  • Apply the theoretical-practical knowledge acquired from the paradigm of human rights, through the management of different theories to achieve the defense and protection of the individual with respect for human dignity.
  • Interact with the professional environment through a globalized and interdisciplinary approach to meet the expectations of contemporary legal practice with a collaborative attitude.

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Last Updated: 18 de June de 2018.

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