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Its objective is to train professionals in the evaluation and psychological assistance on an individual or group basis; in the planning of strategies related to the management of human resources and the improvement of the labor situation in organizations of various kinds. The Graduate in Psychology can apply psycho-pedagogical strategies in different educational areas and in the design of social support programs that contribute to a responsible social coexistence in the public and private sector or in the practice of the profession in any space.

Graduation Profile

The graduate is competent to:

  • Analyze human behavior comprehensively, from different psychological approaches, to promote congruence between thoughts, feelings and actions in an ethical and respectful way.
  • Analyze interpersonal relationships to design communication strategies and behavior modification that contribute to the solution of individual and psychosocial problems, through psychological methods and techniques with an attitude of openness and respect for the other.
  • Evaluate the psychological and performance characteristics of the human resource to promote the best expression of their personal potentials, reflected in the optimal functioning of organizations, through organizational diagnosis legal and responsible.
  • Apply psych-pedagogical strategies and actions through psychological measurement and diagnosis instruments, to influence all levels of education in a sensitive and empathetic way.
  • Intervene with psychological evaluation techniques and psychotherapeutic strategies in the change of human behavior from various psychological approaches for the promotion of healthy lifestyles, according to the psychologist's code of ethics.

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Last Updated: 19 de January de 2022.

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