Bachelor's Degree In


The educational program's mission is to train competent professionals to investigate, explain, and diagnose the dynamics of societies. The Graduate in Sociology systematically, objectively and critically analyzes social aggregates and has the intellectual capacity to interrelate biography, history and social structure. Therefore, the graduate can promote alternatives, manage and implement intervention plans and programs based on its theoretical and methodological training.

Graduation Profile

The graduate is competent to:

  • Investigate local, regional, national and international social phenomena and problems, from the management of theoretical methodological elements, for the understanding and explanation of social phenomena, with objectivity and honesty.
  • Intervene appropriately in social areas, through the application of theory and methods of intervention to solve specific problems of groups and communities, with respect and social responsibility.
  • Manage the implementation of plans, projects and policies through the application of tools of theoretical-methodological and negotiation skills, to help establish respectful and synergistic relationships with the population involved in public, private, or community.
  • Generate educational programs applicable to various contexts, through the use of social science methodologies and theoretical-practical elements taking into account the heterogeneity, multiculturalism and particular characteristics of the applicant population, to achieve the transmission of relevant knowledge that promote their development, with an attitude of tolerance and respect for differences.


Last Updated: 24 de February de 2022.

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