Academic Departments

The Faculty has eight academic departments with different degrees of consolidation, where professor-researchers have one or more lines of generation and innovative application of knowledge. They are extremely important because thanks to their experience in teaching of the professors, the academic exchange with other institutions and the multidisciplinary work, the quality of higher education is raised and is kept up to date.

Social Sciences and Humanities

Society and Government
Sheila Delhumeau Rivera, PhD.Social and Cultural ProcessesLourdes Camarena Ojinaga, PhD.
Hilarie Joy Heat Constable, PhD.
Evarista Arellano García, PhD.
Nelly Calderón de la Barca Guerrero, PhD.
Master Guadalupe Concepción Martínez Valdés
Legal Sciences
Alejandro Sánchez Sánchez, PhD.The elements of Constitutionalism as main guidelines of the Nation
como rectores de la nación
Luis Enrique Concepción Montiel, PhD.
Gloria Aurora de las Fuentes Lacavex, PhD.
In the process of consolidation
Evaluation, school relations and health
Vicente Arámburo Vizcarra, PhD.Assessment in school and health sphereGisela Pineda García, PhD.
Brenda Boroel, PhD.
Miriam Álvarez Mariscal, PhD.
In the process of consolidation
Rule of Law and Justice
Master Miguel de Jesús Neria GoveaConstitutionalism, criminal law and theories of Justice.Jéssica Mendívil Torres, PhD.
Christian Norberto Hernández Aguirre, PhD.
In development process
Psychological processes:
Research and Evaluation

Eunice Vargas Contreras, PhD.In development process

Economics and Business Administration

Planning and Development
Virginia Guadalupe López Torres, PhD.Competitiveness, sustainability and regional developmentRamón Moreno Moreno, PhD.Consolidated
Organizational Development and Human Capital
Blanca Rosa García Rivera, PhD.Management and development of organizationsMaría Concepción Ramírez Barrón, PhD.
Mónica Fernanda Araníbar Gutiérrez, PhD.
In the process of consolidation
Business Quality Management and Auditing
M.D.A. José de Jesús Moreno NeriManagement and taxationP.A. Alejandro Arellano Zepeda
P.A. María del Mar Obregón Angulo
In development process


Last Updated: 30 de July de 2018.

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