Postgraduate studies

Master in Social Projects

Its general objective is to consolidate the training of professionals in the diagnosis and analysis of social issues in different areas to design, manage, and evaluate solutions alternatives through social intervention built on dialogue between the parties involved, considering in the process the acknowledging diversity, environment and historical context.


Master in Business Administration

It is a professional-oriented program focused on managerial competences, in which specific organizations issues are addressed through professional and academic activities.


Master in Education

The objective of the Master's Degree in Education is to train proactive professionals, capable of intervening, under innovation, social and ethical the principles, in the educational management and training processes which contribute to the professionalization of the tasks from the sector, in order to influence the relevant strengthening transformation of the educational environment.


Master in Taxation

The program's mission is to train professionals with ethics and theoretical, technical and methodological capabilities for solving specific problems in the fiscal area, to contribute to the promotion of fiscal culture and assist on the establishment of a more efficient and equitable tax system.


Master in Information and Communication Technology Management

It aims to train competent professionals, so they have a significant impact on the identification of problems and opportunity areas in information fluxes within organizations, as well as to provide creative solutions using the methodological framework of information technologies.


Master in Legal Sciences

The Master's Degree program aims to train highly trained professionals with abilities and an ethical sense for solving legal issues within the professional area in which they work, with a critical vision of the social environment impacting the law.


 Master in Psychology

The program aims to train professionals with high levels of quality and excellence based on the design, implementation, and assessment of psychological intervention projects, through active participation in social and community spheres where assistance and intervention in psychology areas are required: mental health and community intervention, within national and International contexts with an emphasis on the needs and issues usually found in the Northern border.


PhD in Administrative Sciences

The objective of the Program is to train scientists in Administrative Sciences with an interdisciplinary approach, where social, technological and industrial phenomena that can intervene directly or indirectly intervene in the regional context are addressed.



Last Updated: 29 de June de 2022.

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